Webinar sur les Effets Indésirables Graves
Le but de ce webinar est de rappeler la disponibilité des ressources didactiques, les outils et brochures y compris les documents mises à jour pour la gestion des EIG, et articuler la nécessité…
16 Mar 21 - 16 Mar 21 | Inscrivez-vous au webinaire
SAE Webinar
The purpose of this webinar is to share current resources, tools, and brochures including updates available for the management of SAE and to stress the need to notify and report to the partners.
16 Mar 21 - 16 Mar 21 | Register
#TropMed is going Virtual
The ASTMH Annual Meeting draws tropical medicine and global health professionals representing academia, foundations, government, not for profit organizations, non-governmental organizations, the…
15 Nov 20 - 19 Nov 20 | ASTMH 2020 Homepage
The Coalition for Operational Research on Neglected Tropical Diseases (COR-NTD) is a group of researchers, program implementers and their in-country partners with the shared goal of optimizing NTD…
12 Nov 20 - 14 Nov 20 | COR-NTD 2020 Homepage
Photo Courtesy of NNN, 2019
The 11th Annual Neglected Tropical Disease NGO (NNN) Conference, titled Accelerating to 2030: Building Resilient NTD Programmes in a Changing World, will take place on Tuesday, September 8 – Thursday…
08 Sep 20 - 10 Sep 20 | 2020 NNN conference website