WHO guideline on control and elimination of human schistosomiasis

New WHO guideline--released on February 14, 2022--outlines guidelines for preventive chemotherapy, safety of praziquantel for treatment, WASH and snail control interventions and verification of interruption of transmission of human schistosomiasis. 

The main outcomes of the guidelines are:
•    Moving beyond school-age children for preventive chemotherapy.
•    Simplifying the prevalence thresholds for decision-making.
•    Identifying and managing persistent ‘hot spots’ of transmission.
•    Guiding treatment and morbidity care in health facilities.
•    Emphasizing the importance of an intersectoral approach for WASH and environmental or behavioral interventions.
•    Setting out a two-step diagnostic framework for interruption of transmission in humans, snails, and animals.

Link to publication: WHO guideline on control and elimination of human schistosomiasis

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