Act | West at the ASTMH 2020 Annual Meeting
15 Nov 20 - 19 Nov 20 | Online #TropMed20

The ASTMH Annual Meeting draws tropical medicine and global health professionals representing academia, foundations, government, not for profit organizations, non-governmental organizations, the private sector, military and private practice. The meeting is designed for researchers, professors, government and public health officials, military personnel, travel clinic physicians, practicing physicians in tropical medicine, students and all healthcare providers working in the fields of tropical medicine, hygiene and global health. Check out our list of abstracts and proposals at #TropMed20 below!

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November 16
9:00AM EST


Challenges in assessing the needs for mapping of onchocerciasis in Niger – Dr. Salissou Adamou

Progress of Onchocerciasis elimination mapping in security compromised districts – Mr. Moussa Sow

Onchocerciasis elimination mapping in Nigeria – a tale of two diagnostics. -Dr. Chukwuma Anyaike

Onchocerciasis elimination mapping where there is no onchocerciasis programme – Dr. Rassul Nala


1:30 PM – 3 PM EST

Authors: Mouctar Dieng Badiane1, Amadou A. Bio2, Emilienne Epee3, Rose Monteil4, Ines Dossa5, Julie Akame6, Benoit Dembele7, Kisito Ogoussan8, Stephanie L. Palmer8
11. Programme National de Sante Oculaire, Ministère de la Santé et Action Social, Dakar, Senegal, 22. Programme National de Lutte Contre les Maladies Tropicales Négligées, Contonou, Benin, 3Université de Yaoundé, Yaoundé, Cameroon, 4FHI 360, Dakar, Senegal, 5FHI 360, Contonou, Benin, 6Helen Keller International, Yaoundé, Cameroon, 7Helen Keller International, Dakar, Senegal, 8FHI 360, Washington, DC, United States

Authors: Fatoumata Sakho1, André Géopogui1, Lamah Lamine2, Mamadou Siradiou Baldé1, Aissatou Diaby1, Christelly Badila Flore2, Steven D. Reid3, Brian Fuller3, Benoit Dembele4, Yaobi Zhang4, Angela Weaver3
1Ministry of Health, Conakry, Guinea, 2Helen Keller International, Conakry, Guinea, 3Helen Keller International, New York, NY, United States, 4Helen Keller International, Regional Office for Africa, Dakar, Senegal

Authors: Mahamadou Traore1, Moussa Sangare2, Yaya Ibrahim Coulibaly3, Housseini Dolo2, Salif Seriba Doumbia2, Ilo Dicko2, Abdoul Fatao Diabate2, Lamine Soumaoro2, Michel Emmanuel Coulibaly2, Abdallah Amadou Diallo2, Boubacar Guindo4, Modibo Keita4, Seydou Doumbia2
1National Program for control and eliminate of Schistosomiasis and Soil-transmitted helminthes, Mali, Bamako, Mali, 2International Center of Excellence in Research (ICER-Mali), Filariasis Research and Training Unit, Bamako, Mali, Bamako, Mali, 3International Center of Excellence in Research (ICER-Mali), Filariasis Research and Training Unit, Bamako, Mali/ Dermatology Hospital of Bamako, Bamako, Mali, Bamako, Mali, 4Hellen Keller International, Bamako, Mali

Poster Session A, LB-5033

Authors: Melissa L. Edmiston, Solomon Atinbire
American Leprosy Missions- AIM Initiative,

November 17
9:00 AM - 10:45 AM EST


Status of STH in districts where LF MDA has stopped in Mali – Results of TAS/STH surveys – Dr. Mamadou Traore

Controlling Soil Transmitted Helminths in complex Lymphatic Filariasis and loasis endemic settings in Cameroon – Dr. George Nko Ayissi

LF elimination and STH control in Haiti – Success and Challenges – Dr. Abdel Direny

Togo’s plans for controlling Soil Transmitted Helminths post elimination of Lymphatic Filariasis – Prof Monique Dorkenoo

11:45 AM - 1:15 PM EST

Moderator, panelists:

Stephen Omunyidde

Arielle Dolegui

Stephen Omunyidde

November 18
9:00 AM - 10:45 AM

Moderator, panelists:

Organizer : Courtney Johnson

Co chair : Justin Tine -- FHI 360, Accra, Ghana

Mary Hodges-- HKI, Freetown, Sierra Leone

Dr. Benjamin Marfo-- Ghana NTDP, Accra, Ghana

Dr Fatou Ndiaye Badiane-- Senegal NTDP, Dakar, Senegal

11:45 AM - 1:15 PM EST

Presentations/Panelists: Christelly Badila Flore, HKI - Guinea


Presentations/Panelists: Salissou Adamou, NTDP - Niger


    Presentations/Panelists: Habib Kamara, NTDP- Sierra Leone


    Presentations/Panelists: Bella Assumpta, NTDP - Cameroon


    Presentations/Panelists: Georges NKO'Ayiss,i NTDP - Cameroon


    Presentations/Panelists: Abdulai Conteh NTDP - Sierra Leone


    3:45 PM - 5:30 PM EST

    Moderator, panelists:

    Stephen Omunyidde-- WV-US

    Dr Oumar Sarr, Senegal- MSAS

    Ms. Doris Bah, Sierra Leone- MoHS

    Dr. Benjamin Marfo, Ghana- NTDP

    Arielle Dolegui- Moderator

    Gagik Karapetyan – Co-chair

    Stephen Omunyidde – Chair


    • Developing a conceptual framework for trachoma mapping desk reviews in the context of nearing elimination targets: a participatory multi-country exercise.


    Presentation - late breaker - 


    Reposted from ASTMH website
    • Improving mass drug administration coverage for lymphatic filariasis in 2019 based on sub-district level data analysis


    Mustapha Sonnie, HKI - Sierra Leone


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    All Countries
    All Preventive Chemotherapy NTDs, Lymphatic Filariasis, Onchocerciasis, Schistosomiasis, Soil-Transmitted Helminthiasis, Trachoma
    Focus Area
    Mass Drug Administration (MDA), Support for NTD Sustainability, NTD Capacity Building, Monitoring, Evaluation, Research, Learning and Adapting (MERLA)